Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekday Reflections- Michael U. Udoekpo First Week in Ordinary Time- Monday

Weekday Reflections- Michael U. Udoekpo
First Week in Ordinary Time- Monday
Readings: Heb 1:1-6; Ps 97:1 and 2b, 6,7c, 9; 1 Sam1:1-8 and Mark 1:14-20

Let the Angels Worship Him

Today begins the first Weekday masses in ordinary time. It is also the day classes begin here in our School. Moreover, the readings of today are taken from the beginning of each Book: Letter to the Hebrews, Psalm 97; 1 Samuel and the Gospel of Mark.

Each of these readings takes us back to the beginnings. It takes us back to what God has done for us. Reflecting on  God's past blessings help us be conscious of  God’s presence with us now, today. with it we are reminded to worship God with the spirit of renewal and repentance , mindful as well of  the future hope that Christ Jesus brings!

In time past, the author to the Letter to the Hebrews, perhaps a Jewish Christian reminds us, God who created heaven and earth, the God of Elkanah, the God of Samuel and Hannah (1 Sam 1:1-8) spoke to us through the mouths of the prophets but in these last days He addresses us through the paschal mysteries of his Son Our Lord Jesus Christ, God’s incarnate, the High Priest, the radiance of love, peace, forgiveness, good health and every good things.

Of course this Son  is not only superior to angels, but sits at God’s right hand, taking the posture divine authority, divine love, divine mercy who watches over,  who preaches to us the good news and washes away our sins through his ultimate and single sacrifice on the cross.

The Angels worship him. Simon and Andrew, James and John, two pairs of brothers left their nets (Mark 1:14-20), braved their challenges, repented and followed him. They adored and worship him. If these people, in the past including Samuel, Elkanah, Hannah and even the angels could adore and worship him who are we then not to leave our “nets”(selfishness, materialism etc) and worship  the Lord.

May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen us as we leave our “nets” to adore and worship him, all the days of our lives!

Let the angels worship him!