Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reflection first Week in Ordinary Time- Tuesday- Fr. Michael U. Udoekpo

Reflection first Week in Ordinary Time- Tuesday- Fr. Michael U. Udoekpo
Readings: Heb 2:5-12; Ps 8:2ab and 5-9; Mark 1:21-28

Jesus, who rules over the works of His Father

Traditionally a good and faithful child promotes the legacy of his father.
Jesus whom even the angels worship rules over all creation, the works of God his father. Because he does this, because he humbled himself, suffered death, God his father elevated him with honor glory, power and with such authority.

The works of God’s hands put into the charge of Jesus are enormous. They include us and our well being. Jesus is in charge of our studies, our daily works, family, nations and occupations. He knows our going and coming; our sicknesses and health, weakness and strength: material and spiritual, psychological and emotional.

This is more evident in the Gospel of today, Mark 1:21-28. Jesus is in Capernaum to prove that he is even the Lord of the Sabbath. He not only taught on this day but he healed and commanded the unclean spirit out from the possessed, “he commands even the unclean spirit and they obey him.”

A little hard work, a little endurance, a little patience, a little mortification, a little “let go”, a little forgiveness, a little, mercy and love, a little suffering for the sake of Christ, for the sake of our neighbors, for the sake of our community, the common good, for the sake of the poor, and the needy can crown us with glory and honor, blessings and eternal that comes only from the authority of Jesus, the Son of God, and the ruler of the works of His Father.