Friday, January 18, 2013

Reflection Friday, Week 1- Fr. Michael U Udoekpo

Reflection Friday, Week 1- Fr. Michael U Udoekpo
Readings: Heb 4:1-5,11; Ps 78:3 and 4bc,6c-7,8 and Mark 2:1-12

The unfading promises of God

Think of how many promises each of us have broken in our lives. Or think of how many times we feel our neighbors have not kept to their promises or have not fulfilled their obligations towards us, towards, the society, towards the community or in case of the politicians, towards those who elected them into the public office!

God’s obligations, promises towards us, towards humanity are different. He promised Abraham and his descendants (Gen 15, 17) multiple blessings including rest. God keeps his promises.

As the preacher in the Letter to the Hebrews would put it “while the promise of entering his rest remains…. They were not united in faith…for those who believed will enter into the rest.”  God’s covenant and promises renewed to David and through the mouths of the Prophets live on.

This promise of Rest, Eternal life is meant for believers, those who practice the faith, those who endeavor to remember the covenant, the blessings and are motivated by the works of the Lord. His works are different. Human beings sins, God does not. Human beings break promises, God does not. Human beings swore to God and other higher “beings” but God does not, he swore to “himself”- as there is non higher than Him. The works of God are different. He works generously, but in mysterious way.

These works no doubt are continued today in the preaching and healing ministries of Jesus. He cures the fever of Simon Peter’s mother in-law. He heals the leaper and the possessed. Today, he forgives sins and healed the paralytic and said to him, “Rise pick up your mat and walk" (Mark 2:1-12).

Today we can say we are called to help those we meet broken down on the road of their journeys.  We are called to encourage the orphan, the widow, the poor , the needy. We can support those affected by recent natural tragedies, the hurricane, war, terrorism, death and flood. We are fellow travelers.

As we travel today, or go about walking, doing our duties, let us not forget the unfading promises of God, his love, his healing mercies, his kindness, his forgiveness and his promise of rest(eternal life).