Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reflection Monday Week 2 of Ordinary Season- Fr. Michael U.Udoekpo

Reflection Monday Week 2 of Ordinary Season- Fr. Michael U.Udoekpo

Readings: Heb 5:1-10; Ps 110:1-4; and Mark 2:18-22

Christ our mediator between man and God

Barack Obama was elected by the American people and on behalf of American people.Today or this afternoon and on this birth day of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, he will be sworned in for his second term as the President of the United. His duties include the preservation and protection of the constitutiion of the United States of America, including those ideals Martin Luther King Jr stood for: love, and respect for the fundamental rights of every human persons created equally by God. 

Ordinarily in modern politics historians are not only taking notes and stocks ,but it brings and gives us a sense of newness. For some it is a moment of excitement especially those who participated in the last elections. Both the electorate and the elect are aware that no one takes this honor upon himself. The President was elected by the people to serve and represent the people.

Today's readings convey messages deeper than this. The first reading in particular reminds us of the theology of the high priesthood of Jesus Christ. He was apointed by God his father to mediate between God and the entire human race even beyond the boundary of the United Sates. Christ being human,except sin, represents something higher than Barack Obama,  Martin Luther King Jr, or any earthly king or priest appointed by human beings.

 Earthly priests or priest of the old covenant repeatedly offered sacrifices both on behalf of the people and himself, while Christ sacrificed once and for all only on behalf of the people. But Christ was appointed by God his Father. Still unlike the earthly priest, Christ does all these patiently as well. He relate with sinners, the poor, the sick, the erring and with the ignorant people with kindness and gentleness- metriopathein( Heb 5:2). All these and many more make Christ different and new! And of course, we must pour this new wine into fresh wineskin ( Mark 2:18-22)

Additionally, Christ did not appoint himself but he was chosen by God his father. The author to the Hebrew recalls that incidence after his baptism when a voice from heaven said, "your are my son today I have begotten you' (ps 2:7). He was tempted in the desert. He was taunted and rejected by many. He has had his own share of suffering having gone through the trials of life and the Gathsemane experiences with endurance. Even as a Son of God Jesus learned obedience from his suffering (Emathen aphon' hon epathen, v .8) and became perfect (teleois v. 9), becoming the source of everlasting salvation.

Even though each of us can learn from our trials and challenges of life, we can also learn  Christ, to be our brothers and sisters keeper- their lives, rights, justice and fairness.  Learning from Christ is way of our reliance upon whom appointed to mediates on our behalf.